How does auto glass repair work, and is it noticeable?

Auto glass repair is critical work. If  done timely, it ensures maximum safety to you & your family. Unrepaired auto glass is risky and may lead to a fatal accident.

The process of auto glass repair:

1) A vacuum is created over the damaged area removing the air and moisture.

2) The resin is injected into the damaged area, penetrating and filling the finest micro cracks.

3) Then the technician pulls off the vacuum.

4) UV light is applied that hardens the resin.

Is auto glass repair noticeable?

If it’s a larger chip or crack, the repair will be more visible. Smaller chip when repaired  are less visible.

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Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Your Windshield Damage in Canada?

When you are driving and suddenly get a stone hit on your windshield, your windshield may get chipped or cracked. That crack or chip can damage your windshield entirely.

When you get a chip or crack on your windshield, you start thinking about different options like go for the insurance claim, repair, or replace the windshield or keep the chip as it is.

Windshield repair insurance is covered in the comprehensive insurance coverage. You can cover the cost of your windshield repair, replace, or damaged by stone or other debris using this insurance coverage.

The windshield repair or replacement coverage depends on the type of insurance coverage you have. Generally, comprehensive coverage covers auto glass repair and damaged windshield. You can get the benefit of this insurance cover for a repair or replacement. In a full glass coverage, you don’t even need to pay the insurance deductibles.

When you want to make a windshield insurance claim, it depends on the type of windshield damage you have. Most of the insurance companies provide chips and minor repair without paying deductibles for comprehensive insurance. Some insurance companies also provide a claim forgiveness which means one claim per year won’t increase your insurance.

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance for windshield repair or replacement, don’t delay the repairs. Otherwise, those chips might become big and can damage your windshield.

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What’s involved in Auto Glass Repair or chip repair?

Broken auto glass can create big problems for the driver or passengers. A small chip or ding on the glass could gradually become big so you must go for an auto glass repair immediately as soon as you find the crack. We are going to understand the process of auto glass repair.

The first thing is to evaluate the windshield or glass as it is important to see the depth and the size of the chip or crack. For most of the glass issues, the resin can help to fix the problems. However, a good type of solution is needed to fix the fracture on the top layer of the glass.

A chip can damage more than one layer of the glass and in this situation, it will be difficult to fix. A rubber membrane layer can fix the first layer of the windshield. Some cracks or chips are difficult to repair because they are in a place where it is impossible to correct.

The fixing process of a chip or a crack is fairly quick. A special kind of resin is available that can repair the damage completely and make the glass as it was before. It cures in daylight and will take approximately 30 minutes to get a chip repair job done.

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